April 2008

Finding your way home

Story of the day:  Finding your way home

     As I was taking Christen to school today, we had passed some landmarks that Joshua recognized and he remembered seeing them when he went on his fieldtrip.  He knew where he was even when I wasn’t with him.  Christen and I got to talking about remembering things when she was Joshua’s age and how she just like him, was always so good at remembering directions.   She knew how to get herself home if she needed to and how to direct someone to get them to our house.  There were times that she couldn’t remember directions due to the fact that she had fallen asleep or because she took a route that she wasn’t familiar with.  Whatever the reason, she always managed to find her way home.

    Sometimes in our lives, we take a different route than what we are used to taking, or better yet, we fall asleep and lose focus of God.  When this happens we become lost and no longer know where we are at.  My friend, once you find yourself lost, don’t allow the enemy to take you further away from home, instead shout out to God to bring you some landmarks that will help you to remember how to get back home.  You’ve already been there once and know the way, you just need a little guidance to direct you, and once you arrive home, God is waiting with open arms to welcome you back.

Quote of the day:  Rollo May

“It is an old and ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way.”

Bible verse of the day:  Isaiah 30:21

“Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,”  Whenever you turn to the right  hand or whenever you turn to the left.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Sometimes I may fall asleep and lose focus of You and the path that You have set before me.  I know that this is of my own doing and for that I am sorry.  Father, I ask that when I lose sight of You that You will send me some landmarks quickly so that I can remember how to get home as quickly as possible.  It is the enemies plan to keep me lost, but I know since I have already been home, that Your words will direct me and guide me back.  I pray for a humbled heart and not a stubborn heart as the stubborn heart will only keep me away longer.  I thank You for Who You are, for the things that You have promised, and for this day.

In Jesus Name I pray,




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