May 2008

Strange thing about sheep

                                                                                                               Story of the day:  Strange thing about sheep

   Phillip Keller, once a shepherd himself, in his book A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, “relates that the strange thing about sheep is that because of their makeup, it is almost impossible for them to be made to lie down unless four requirements are met.  First, due to their timidity, they must be free from all fear.  Next, because of their sociability, they must be free from friction with others of their kind.  Third, they must be free from flies or parasites if they are to relax.  Lastly, they will not lie down unless free from hunger.  It is only the shepherd who can provide release from all these anxieties.  As our Good Shepherd, the Lord meets all these needs for us, so that we can “lie down in green pastures,” with our souls restored by His care.”

Quote of the day:  Author Unknown

“Peace is not the absence of trouble.  Peace is the presence of God.”

Bible verse of the day:  Psalm 23:1

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for being my Shepherd.  Because of You, I can rest assured that my needs will be taken care of and that I, just like the sheep, can freely lie down in green pastures without a worry.  Father, You are with me every single day of my life and because of that, I shouldn’t fear anything.  Thank You for comforting me when I need comforting and for restoring me when I need restoration.  Father, I thank You for this day and I pray for guidance and wisdom in all that is brought my way this day.

In Jesus Name I pray,


2 thoughts on “Strange thing about sheep”

  1. Thank you so much for your daily quotes and storys.
    You and your family are such an inspiration to us and many more.
    Love ya

  2. Thank you Ms. Debbie,

    I really appreciate your comment!! I am also very thankful for all that you do with the kiddos in Sunday School!! They love you very much, as do I!! Have a blessed day!!!


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