Story of the day:  Moving Mountains

   “We all have mountains to climb and mountains to move.  Jesus taught His disciples that if they had faith, they could move mountains.  You can too.  When you place your faith, your trust, indeed your life in the hands of Christ Jesus, you’ll be amazed at the marvelous things He can do.

   When a suffering woman sought healing by simply touching the hem of His garment, Jesus turned and said, “Daughter be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole”  (Matthew 9:22)  We too can be made whole when we place our faith completely and unwaveringly in the person of Jesus Christ.

   Hannah Whitall Smith advised, “Shout the shout of faith.  Nothing can withstand the triumphant faith that links itself to omnipotence.  For ‘this is the victory that overcometh the world.’  The secret of all successful living lies in this shout of faith.” 

   So, if your faith is being tested, know that Your Savior is near.  If you reach out to Him in faith, He will give you peace, perspective, and hope.  If you are content to touch even the smallest fragment of the Master’s garment, He will make you whole.” Family Christian Press

Quote of the day:  C.S. Lewis

“True faith is never found alone; it is accompanied by expectation.”

Bible verse of the day:  Matthew 9:22

“Thy faith hath made thee whole.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that my faith is strong, strong enough to move mountains.  Father, You have told me the truth in Your Word that if I have faith as small as a mustard seed, that I can tell this mountain to move from here to there and it will move.  Father, I pray to always remember that no matter what the challenge is in my life that You are always going to be there and will overcome any challenge.  I know that with Your Love and Your Power, I can live faithfully through all situations.  I thank You for this day and for making me whole!

In Jesus Name I pray,



  1. Kris Chan says:

    hi. i find your blogs interestingly biblical. and i just started to have my own blog too here in wordpress.

    you might also want to take a look in this christian forums.


  2. jilladell says:

    I have a great friend who I asked to come visit this page because indeed her faith is being tested. Thank you for the inspirational post, which over a year later is still making a positive difference.

    Jill Dell

    • Christy says:


      Your words are so encouraging and I thank you so very much for your honesty. I will be praying for your friend as I know how difficult trying times can be. Have a blessed day!!!


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