Story of the day:  No one wants to be chosen last!

   After Jeff and I had painted one of the rooms in our home, we decided to go outside and enjoy some of the cooler weather that Dayton has been offering.  We were watching the neighborhood kids, which included our kiddos, playing kick ball.  As they prepared their teams, and the team captains started choosing players for each of their teams, it got me to thinking about when I was younger and when we would play ground games.  “The good players were chosen first, and no one wanted to be chosen last. 

   I think sometimes that we’re used to playing favorites.  Teachers have pets, bosses have fast-track employees, and just about everyone has a best friend.

   Considering our experience, we might assume that God acts the same way–that He favors certain people because of ability, personality, physical attributes, social standing, or some other identifying characteristic.  (Peter certainly felt that way–he was sure that the Gentiles were unclean.)  This assumption may lead us to wonder about God’s feelings toward us and perhaps, even to doubt our relationship with Him.

   But God revealed the truth to Peter:  God doesn’t act that way.  That is, “God doesn’t show partiality.  Instead He accepts people “in every nation”  The only qualification for acceptance is that they honor and revere Him and obey Him.

  Are you feeling rejected, put down, or alone?  Know that God accepts you, affirms you, and stands by you.  And through his Son, Jesus, He gives you eternal life, regardless of your height, beauty, weight, strength, gender, talent, ability, or nationality.  He has chosen and accepted you.” (veerman)

Quote of the day:  Oswald Chambers

“When we choose deliberately to obey Him, then He will tax the remotest star and the last grain of sand to assist us with all His almighty power.”

Bible verse of the day:  Acts 10:34

“Then Peter opened his mouth and said:  “In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You don’t show any partiality towards people.  Thank You that You have chosen me and it was my choice to honor, revere, and obey You.  Father, I am so grateful to You for all that You have shown to me.  Let me not carry the attitude of arrogance for doing Your Will.  I pray for humility everyday and a humbling of my life in order that Your Will is carried out.  May people see You through me and those that don’t know You, may a spark be lit in each of them that they may have a relationship with You.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


  1. cornishevangelist says:

    The Blood of Jesus

    The Bible speaks of us as a chosen generation and a royal priesthood, and has made us kings and priests unto God. When we approach the throne of God, we must offer the blood of Jesus as it is written in the book of Hebrews 10 v 19, “Having therefore, brethren boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus”.
    We must cover our prayers and His promises and our families with the blood of Jesus by speaking out loud. When the children of Israel collected manna, it was good for that day only. The blood of Jesus must be offered to God every new day, as the duty of the New Testament Priests, which we are. No evil power will be able to hinder your prayers to God when you plead the blood before the throne of Almighty God.

    Moses, who belonged to the Old Testament Priesthood would sprinkle the blood over the Word of God and over the people of God. We sprinkle the blood of Jesus by speaking the blood of Jesus over God’s promises and our bodies and our families. So keep under the blood. The blood protects you only if you are under it’s awesome power. The children of Israel were safe while they stayed in their houses, where the blood was applied to the doorposts and lintels. If they came out the angel of death would have destroyed them. So, keep close to Jesus and let your testimony be today, and every day, “The Blood, the Blood of Jesus sets me free, protecting me and my family”. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death”. {Revelation 12 v 11}.


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