Jesus Cried Out!

Posted: September 3, 2008 in September 2008
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Story of the day:  Jesus Cried Out!

     The last few days for Josh, our youngest have been difficult.  Trying to get used to a routine in a new school, longer days for kindergarten, and just being away from mom, has been quite the change.  I think the toll of the move, adjusting to it all, has finally caught up with him.  As I sat next to him in line, waiting for his teacher to come and get his class, we said a prayer and asked that God would protect him, comfort him, and walk by him throughout his day.  As I got up to leave, Josh, beginning to cry, stood up with me and asked if I would just hug him for a second.  As I hugged him and he grabbed by legs, he pleaded with me to take him home.  I hugged him one more time, told him that I loved him and would see him later.   I started my long journey from one end of the cafeteria to the other. I could hear him calling me from across the room “mom, mom, please don’t leave me here”.  A lump began to form in my throat as all I wanted to do was to hold him some more, but I knew I had to leave and not look or go back because it would only make things worse. 

     As I held back the tears walking out of the school, God began to show me that as parents we must make decisions that are sometimes difficult.  I began to feel the pain in my heart of what God had to go through with His Son hanging on the cross.  And although the pain of allowing your Son to die on a cross or sending your child to school are not the same thing, the pain of hearing your child call out to you is the same. 

     Although my son doesn’t want to be at school and would rather be home, it is necessary for him to continue on, because God has a plan for him.   As Jesus hung on the cross and cried out to His Father, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”(Matt. 27:46) I believe that our Heavenly Father wanted to pick Him up and hold Him and let Him know that everything was going to be okay.  Jesus cried out!  But God couldn’t look back, for there was a plan and that plan had to be carried out, for your sake and mine. 

Quote of the day:  Martin Luther

“In His life, Christ is an example, showing us how to live; in His death, He is a sacrifice, satisfying our sins; in His resurrection, a conqueror; in His ascension, a King; in His intercession, a high priest.”

Bible verse of the day:  Matthew 27:50

“And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for giving me Joshua.  Thank You for showing me love through a child.  It is this connection that I am able to see the love that You have for Your Son.  Father, I can only imagine how it must have hurt You to see Your Son on that Cross.  As much as my heart broke today and it was just sending my child to school, I can’t fathom the depth of what You went through and the love that You have for each of us for it.  Father, I thank You from every bit of who I am for Your unconditional LOVE that breathes life into me every day!!  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,



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