God is so patient with us, shouldn’t we be with others?

Posted: March 25, 2009 in March 2009

Story of the day:  God is so patient with us, shouldn’t we be with others?

     Dennis Miller writes:

     Out of parental concern and a desire to teach our young son responsibility, we require him to phone home when he arrives at his friend’s house a few blocks away.  He began to forget, however, as he grew more confident in his ability to get there without disaster befalling him.

     The first time he forgot, I called to be sure he had arrived.  We told him the next time it happened, he would have to come home.  A few days later, however, the telephone again lay silent, and I knew if he was going to learn, he would have to be punished.  But I did not want to punish him!  I went to the telephone, regretting that his great time would have to be spoiled by his lack of contact with his father.

     As I dialed, I prayed for wisdom.  “Treat him like I treat you,” the Lord seemed to say.  With that, as the telephone rang one time, I hung up.  A few seconds later the phone rang, and it was my son.  “I’m here, Dad!”

     “What took you so long to call?” I asked.

     “We started playing and I forgot.  But Dad, I heard the phone ring once, and I remembered.”

     “I’m glad you remembered,”  I said.  “Have fun.”

Quote of the day:  Craig Larson

“How often do we think of God as One who waits to punish us when we step out of line?  I wonder how often he rings just once, hoping we will phone home.”

Bible verse of the day:  James 1:4

“But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Patience has so many different descriptive words.  There’s composure, enduring, calmness, stability, and so many more.  Father, I pray that You continue to build in me patience that goes beyond my understanding.  I pray to raise my children as You have shown me through Your Word with great patience.

In Jesus Name I pray,



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