Making the same mistake?

Posted: April 9, 2009 in April 2009
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Story of the day:  Making the same mistake?

     Mistakes.  Are they bad?  Absolutely not!  Some of life’s best learned lessons come from the mistakes that we have made.  Chuck Swindoll writes:  “Our greatest problem is not the mistakes we make in life, but that we fail to learn from them.  If you can come up with creative new mistakes, that’s something else, but if you’re making the same ones over and over, you’re not learning.  A feeling of futility may set in.  You may start to identify with that line from Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland that says, “I have to run real fast just to stay in place.”  Maybe it’s time to stop running.  Stop and learn.” 

Quote of the day:  Richard J. Needham

“Strong people make as many and as ghastly mistakes as weak people.  The difference is that strong people admit them, laugh at them, learn from them.  That is how they become strong.”

Bible verse of the day:  John 8:11 (NKJV)

“She said, “No one, Lord.”  And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I have made mistakes in my life and learning from these mistakes has  made me stronger and has taught me the importance of not making the same mistake over and over again.  Thank You for sharing with me the valuable life lessons about making mistakes and the importance for not continuing to make them.  I thank You for this blessed day!      

In Jesus Name I pray,



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