Looking in the mirror

Posted: June 2, 2009 in June 2009
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Story and Quote of the day:  Looking in the mirror

My family is like a mirror.  When I have sinned against them, my sin appears in the suffering of their face…The passion of Christ…is such a mirror.  Are the tears of my family hard to look at?  Well, the pain in the face of Jesus is harder…Nevertheless, I will not avoid this mirror!  No, I will carefully rehearse, again this year, the passion of my Jesus-with courage, with clarity and faith; for this is the mirror of dangerous grace, purging more purely than any other.  Walter Wangerin Jr.

Bible verse of the day:  Psalm 51:6

“Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

The mirror shows many things that we can’t see without it.   Father, I pray that in this mirror I am able to recognize my imperfections and any sin that may be hidden and that can’t be seen in the mirror, for these things are found deep within.  Father, I love You and always get excited to move forward with the plans that You have for me.  Sometimes it can be a hard road to follow, but Your Strength gets me through each day.  I love You Father and I am so grateful that You accept my imperfections and love me for who I am. 

In Jesus Name I pray,



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