Story of the day:  Have you asked?

I love when my kids tell me stories, or get excited about things they have never seen before.   I can sit for hours and listen to how they discovered something new.  The look on their faces, the excitement of it all, makes my life as a mom so worth while.  When we went home this past weekend, my Uncle had shared with my son a new toy that he purchased at the Dollar Tree.  It’s just a little ball like figure that you can turn inside out and when you drop it on the floor, it bounces up pretty high in the air. 

The look on Joshua’s face, was one as if he had never seen anything like it before.  This little ball was new and so interesting that it kept his attention for hours.  He tried to figure it out, and the more and more he did, the more excited he got about it.  It’s all he talked about on the 9 hour drive back to New Mexico.  “Mama, when we get home, can we go to the Dollar Tree and get one of those bouncy things?”  I told him, son, “The store may be closed by the time we get home, but I promise, I will get you one tomorrow. 

When Joshua arrived home from school the next day, he was so excited to find one of those bouncy balls for him and his brother.  He couldn’t unwrap that toy fast enough so that he could begin playing with it.  He played with it all night and found a special place hiding place for it so it wouldn’t become lost in the night.  It’s funny how the smallest things make him happy, and it’s even better hearing about it as a parent, hearing about how thankful he was for getting one.  He loves his little bouncy ball, this gift that to him, was beyond what he could imagine.  Because it was all he talked about, it made getting the gift so much more worth while.   

 Joshua’s request to ask me for one of those bouncy balls is so similar to when we pray to God.  We may talk about it, pray about it, and think about it all the time.  We may even think that God gets tired of hearing us come to Him in prayer about it.  And though we may not get our prayers answered right away, just like Joshua didn’t get his ball right away, God will open the door to His prayer store, and once He does, be prepared to be blessed at how He answers your prayers.

Quote of the day:  John Fischer

“He’s eager to hear our prayers because He has never heard it quite the way we say it.  We are all unique.  We have our own signature attached to all we do and say.  Our lives, our experiences, and our faith expressed to him are never old.”

Bible verse of the day:  Matthew 7:8 (NIV)

“For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for children.  Their faith is so amazing.  To speak what they believe and to say what comes to mind, that truth is so refreshing.  Father, as I get older, may my prayers be with that child like faith.  May the passion for knowing You burn deep inside.  Fill me with Your Living Water and and send me out this day as Your vessel to love others and to serve with an open heart.  I thank You for this blessed day!

In Jesus Name I pray,



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