Story of the day:  Take Action

The Chicago Tribune writes:

In March of 1994 a German tourist checked into a hotel near Miami International Airport.  That night in his room he noticed a foul odor.  But travelers must put up with discomforts, so he slept in the bed that night without complaint to the front desk.

The next morning when he awoke, the odor was only worse.  So as he checked out of the hotel, he reported the problem.  On Friday, March 11, a maid cleaning the room discovered the source of the odor.  Under the bed she found a corpse. [Dead Body Found under Bed in Hotel. Chicago Tribune, 13 March 1994, sec.1, p.23.]

Quote of the day:  Craig Brian Larson

“Life is filled with problems, and often it seems the best thing to do is just ignore them.  But if we realized how serious and close some problems really are, we would take action.”

Bible verse of the day:  Jeremiah 6:14

“They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious.  ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray to not let a day go by where I don’t come to You to deal with any corpse of a problem that may be hidden under my bed.  I pray for courage to always face the problem head on instead of turning and running from it, regardless of what it may be.  I know with You leading my way, that no problem is ever too big to face Your guidance will show me how to handle it.  Thank You for this blessed day!

In Jesus Name I pray,



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