His Great Plan to Reach the World

Posted: January 5, 2010 in January 2010
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Story of the day:  His Great Plan to Reach the World

God’s great plan to reach the world is for us is to go, weep, sow, and reap.  These simple words bring us to the definition of what is means to evangelize.  So how does one evangelize?  It’s simple, God shares with us in Matthew 28:18-20 what that means and that is to go and teach all nations, or another way is found in Mark 16:15, which simply says to go ye into all the world.  Well if it’s that simple, why do we make it so complicated?

One of the reasons the church has largely forgotten this mission may be because we are giving our attention to lesser things.  These things could be something like running the corporation, raising money, building things, etc.  With the focus on these things, it puts us in a predicament where few go and no grow. Did you know that most church growth results from trading its members?  So it’s like me leaving another church to join a new church.  One church may have gained a new member, but another lost a member, resulting in no actual growth for the Kingdom.  In order to get back to the mission of evangelism, we must get back to God’s plan to reach the world, which can be found in Psalm 126:6.

The first part of God’s plan to reach the world is the Going (Psalm 126:6-He that goes forth). It is easier to do almost anything else in the church.  It’s easier to serve on a board, easier to give money to send others, easier to nit-pick and grumble, and easier to be a part of the fraction, than to get into the action.  When a church begins to go, the church begins to grow.

The second part of God’s plan to reach the world is the Weeping (Psalm 126:6-Goes out weeping). Sad as it may be, many don’t go, because they don’t care.  There needs to be a genuine concern for souls.  Romans 9:1-3 tells us that Paul had great sorrow and an unceasing anguish in his heart for souls.  This simply means to have tears of the heart:  seeing the lost as God sees them.

The third part of God’s plan to reach the world is the Sowing (Psalm 126:6-Carrying seed to sow). Sowing the seed, with the seed being the Word of God is to carry it out into the world.(Luke 8:11).  There’s a story that Jesus shares with us in Matthew 13:3-23, about the sower of the seed.  Jesus tells us that some of the seed that the farmer sowed fell by the wayside, some fell on stony ground, some fell among thorns, and some fell on good soil…which brought forth fruit.  So how do we as Christ Followers sow the good seed?  We sow by speaking to others about Christ, by living consistent Christian lives, sharing the Word of God, or by other ways that God has shared with you.

The fourth and final part of God’s plan to reach the world is the Reaping (Psalm 126:6-Will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.) We must make efforts to reap:  win people to Christ, not by shouting, yelling, or pounding them over the head, but by simply loving them to Christ.  As your part of being a Christ follower, don’t leave sharing the Gospel to others, instead get into the blessing that God has for you.

Let’s return to the basics of the Christian Message to reach this world simply by going, weeping, sowing, and reaping with others God’s plan of Salvation.  Let’s be a part of God’s Great Plan to reach this world and win souls for the Kingdom, after all, winning souls brings present rejoicing and future joy (Luke 15:10).

Quote of the day: Hess

“The seeds we sow today determine the kind of fruit we’ll reap tomorrow.”

Bible verse of the day: Psalm 126:6 (NIV)

“He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today as I go out into the world, may my heart shed tears for the lost and see others as You do.  May Your love pour out of me and into a world that is in need of a Savior.  May the seeds that I sow be done all for Your Glory!  I thank You for sharing with me, through Your Word, how to love others and share with them Your Great Message.

In Jesus Name I pray,


  1. This is amazing! I agree wholeheartedly. The church has forgotten its mission. Not only are we debating over menial things within our congregation, but we are also busy debating over which denominations is right or wrong. I will never forget taking my youth out to hand out tracts and a group of them encountered a man who told them that the church was “Babylon”. When asked why, he said the church is more confused than the world. Just on this block there are 10 of you Christian Churches. All of you swear that your doctrine is better than the other.

    This causes me to wonder whether we have forgotten our mission and have allowed the devil to do what he does best, divide and conquer. Now the world sees us as a confused people. Praise be to God, that all hope is not lost and that God is raising up warriors that will take on the armor of God and take the message around the world. I pray that more and more of us will take a stand and remind the church of its mission by living it everyday. The world awaits for a Savior, Let us introduce them to our Almighty God.

    God Bless You!

  2. lost sheep says:

    thanks for sharing this–something i needed to hear–i struggle with the “church” and its mission per se and finding where I fit in–this is something i needed to hear–thanks

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