May 2010

Mind Games

Story of the day: Mind Games

Today while I was dropping Christen off at school, my car kept making this beeping sound as to warn me of something. You see, I have these sensors in the front and the back of my car to let me know that something is close. It does this because there is an extreme blind spot in these areas, and to move could be detrimental. The beeping signals were being dispersed no matter what I did except in the Park mode. So I was kind of stuck in Park until I got out to make sure that nothing was around the car. And as I suspected, it turned out to be a little sand sticking to the sensor causing the beeping to not stop. It’s amazing how even the smallest grain of sand can spark some sensors to blare loudly, distracting you, and keeping you from getting to your destination.

As I got to thinking about this some more, God showed me that this is what it means when Satan will send a small negative thought (in this instance like the grain of sand) my way that gets me all stirred up, causing all of my emotions (beeping signals) to go off. It is a way that brings confusion and can twist my insides around. Before you know it, I am stuck in park, not able to go anywhere.  It isn’t until I open  my word and pray that I can see that the thing causing the sound to go off, the thing that is keeping me distracted and in park, was actually nothing worth worrying about at all. It was a small thought that sounded off some loud signals to make me worry, which was just the right amount to take my attention away from where it needed to be, and that was focusing on God.

Quote of the day: Christy Povolish

“Even the smallest things we worry about, are just the right amount to take our focus away from God and keep us in Park mode afraid to move.”

Bible verse of the day: Philippians 4:7 (NIV)

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for sharing this with me today. Of all days, You knew this was what I needed to hear. Father, I guard my heart and I pray that not even the smallest negative thought will put me into Park mode keeping me from going anywhere. Instead, Father, I come to You in prayer and by the reading of Your word knowing in full faith that negative words or thoughts cannot harm me. My eyes are fixated on You and my souls rests. Thank You for this blessed day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


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