I have to do what?

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

By Digital Bus

Story of the day:  I have to do what?

So, I have always been fearful of flying ever since I was a teenager. The flight from Dallas, Texas to Spokane, Washington was a little more turbulent than normal.  I think had I not had the window seat and my brother (who loves flying) making comments about the plane, I might have enjoyed the flight a little more.  So needless to say, I hadn’t flown since and really didn’t have the desire to get into anything that would take me more than 20 feet off the ground.

Many years passed by and as this ministry got underway, God began to show me things that Jeff and I would be doing in the future that would require flying.  I kind of struggled with the thought of having to get onto a plane again, but I kept praying to God about it and one day, while I was alone and driving in my car, a peace came over me about flying and so I gave total release and control over to God and He planted this in my heart, “Christy, if you are working for me and I need you somewhere, I need you to have the faith and trust in Me, you know the faith and trust that you write to others about, and to know that I will take care of you.”  I agreed with God and said, “Okay, I can do this.  If you ask this of me, I will do it.”  I really thought to myself, okay, I have a few years before this happens, so this gives me more time to prepare for whenever Jeff and I both have to get on a plane.

Little could prepare me for what God had in mind.  The situation with my grandmother had gotten worse. The doctors had encouraged our family to get there as quickly as we could. The news that doctors gave meant that I A: needed to drive 16-17 hours one-way (which would have taken too long), or B: I needed to get onto a plane ASAP, which would only take 2 hours to arrive in Texas.  I had remembered the conversation that I had just had with God about 3 months before this situation occurred and I tried reasoning with God and saying, ”Can’t I start flying once we start going places for the ministry?”  Boy, if I could hear crickets chirping that would have been awesome, but instead, I heard God say, “Christy, you need to do this.” “You need to get on a plane and go and see her.”

So as Jeff drove me to Columbus, OH, so that I could depart from there, everything that I desired to take with me on this plane trip was left at home.  No family to fly with, no music, no laptop, and no portable movie player.  It was just me, myself, and God.  Remember it has been nearly 20 years since I had been on a plane, and the thought of flying began to scare me once again.  Not only was I going to be flying 35,000 feet in the air without things that could distract me, but I would be flying Hon Solo with total and complete trust and faith in my God.  I prayed for the pilot. I prayed for the person that sat next to me, poor thing she was going to need it, and I prayed for the flight attendants for they might have to bring me back to consciousness once I passed out.

All kidding aside, I can’t say that I wasn’t nervous, because I was.  My palms had never sweated as much. Having a husband that works with planes and knowing all the stories that are associated with them, every now and then thoughts about situations that could occur while I was flying, which are almost slim to none, would pop into my head. But just as quickly as those thoughts popped into my head about the plane, I was able to quickly find peace and comfort in God, because of the vision that He had given me about the ministry.  With the peace and comfort that God provided, my spirit was calmed and I was able to find rest in Him.

I didn’t even realize it at the time, but this first trip was all part of God’s plan for this ministry.  It was the beginning of things that were yet to come and because of God’s Grace, Mercy, and Love for us all, I was able to fulfill the plan that He prepared for me while I was in Texas.

Whatever you are fearful about, pray to God about it, allow Him to pull you through it, and have total faith and trust in Him to get you past it.  Once you give it over to God, you know, the control, there are many blessings waiting, and a freedom from the fear to allow God to use you where He needs you to be.

Quote of the day:  Rubem Alves

“Hope is hearing the melody of the future.  Faith is to dance to it.”

Bible verse of the day:  Romans 1:17

“For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

You are such an Orderly God.  You have planned out my every step, just as You have numbered ever hair on my head.  God, I have overcome my biggest fear of flying because of You and Your promise for my life.  I am so saddened by even allowing this fear to set in for as long as it had.  God thank You for the opportunity to begin a different phase of this ministry.  I didn’t even know that going home was going to be a part of it, but it was and I was blessed by it.  My prayer today is for those that have some sort of fear in their life that they have yet to overcome.  I pray that they release this to You and have total faith and trust in You to get them past whatever it is that is keeping them in bondage.  God, only You know what is in store for our lives, and as the days pass, if we aren’t following the path that You have so designed for us, I pray that it is revealed to us so that we can walk in freedom for whatever it is that You do have planned for us.  I thank You for this day.

In Jesus Name I pray,



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