Christen Noel and Jenny Lee Music Video

Christen Noel and Jenny Lee

  1. Valintino says:

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  2. haleybremer says:

    your song is so good I watch it every day i miss you so much. p.s. call me as soon as you can . LOVE HALEY BREMERR1.

  3. haley bremer says:

    hey cristen i now were your video was.I walked on the brigde . i wallked in the path way. DID you go in the flinstones cave . Because i went every were you step. The first time I sall your video I cried so much my is because i missed you a lot . And my eyes almost poped out. Mabye you could come vist us and my family. but you are to far away and your mom will say no. but when i get a email . I could email you alot . but for now you can call me . my number is 2528212 . we should be pen pals. but Iwould have to get your house number and alot of other stuff . p.s. have a good rest of your live.I MISS YOU ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT .

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