May 2009

From Discouragement to Hope

Quote of the day:  From Discouragement to Hope

There are so many words that come to mind when I think of the word discouragement.  Some that I thought of immediately were:  sadness, despair, melancholy, loss of confidence, the blues, and pessimism.  There are many reasons that people become discouraged.  I was reading an excerpt from Billy Graham, and I found some of the reasons that he lists to be important.  He writes:  

Perhaps you are discouraged because you think you aren’t making enough money (and you aren’t convinced God can supply your needs.) Or you are frustrated in your job (and refuse to believe God can help you be content.)  Or maybe you are worried about health problems (and you don’t even stop to consider that your life is in God’s hands).

Discouragement is a large cloud that, like all clouds, obscures the warmth and joy of the sun.  In the case of spiritual discouragement the Son of God, the Lord Jesus, is eclipsed in our lives.  Discouragement blinds our eyes to the mercy of God and makes us perceive only the unfavorable circumstances.

There is only one way to dispel discouragement, and it is not with our own strength or ingenuity.  It is to turn in faith to God, believing that He loves us and is in control of the future. 

When we turn to God in our time of discouragement, not only does He provide strength for our situation, but He also turns our times of discouragement into hope.  And, when I think of the word hope, I find far more words that are used to describe it and I find them more encouraging.  They are:  achievement, anticipation, aspiration, belief, confidence, desire, endurance, FAITH, hopefulness, optimism, promise, and reward.

Quote of the day:  Ben Patterson

 “Hope delivers us from the despair that nothing we do matters, and enables us to tackle even the most menial job with vigor.”

Bible verse of the day:  Psalm 27:14  

“Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Although there are many words that describe the word discouraged, there are so many that cancel it out with hope.  I am thankful for hope, because it has given my faith a springboard to jump back from after I have been discouraged.  I am grateful to You for teaching me at the first signs of my discouragement how to come straight to You in prayer.  My prayer is for those that may be experiencing some discouragement in their life right now.  I ask that they too will stop where they are and come to You in prayer and that You will show them the greatness that comes from seeking You first.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,