November 2008

Live life

Story of the day:  Live Life

    I decided to do a little study of my own.  I wanted to know if people were “LIVING LIFE” by way of a smile.  I began counting people to see if they had a smile, frown, or look of puzzlement on their face.  I began counting, one by one, frown, puzzlement, frown, puzzlement, and just as I had suspected, there were very few that had a smile on their face.  This is when I begin to think about what all might been going on with them.  Are they lonely?  Did they just lose someone important in their life?  Are they so busy that they don’t have time to turn that frown into a smile?  Are they enjoying their life?  What was it that was causing the lack of smiles this day?       

     Are you living your life or is it passing you by so quickly that you don’t even recognize it?  I want to believe that people are enjoying and actually living their life.  But are they really?  Do they know my Jesus?  Or are they just going through the motions?  I have been perplexed by this for some time and I think that I will continue to do more research on the matter and let you know my findings. 

     But in the meantime, Chuck Swindoll writes:  “Have you put all that on “hold”?  For most people, life has become a grim marathon of misery, an endurance test full of frowns, whines, groans, and sighs.  And perhaps that explains why so many who were once close to them have a tendency to drift away. Can you think of anyone who would rather spend a lot of time with those who have stopped enjoying life?  They’d probably rather invest their hours in a pet, an animal that can’t even talk, than in someone who resembles a dark rain cloud.

     Maybe that explains the little bumper sticker, “Have you hugged your horse today?”  That used to make me smile; now I understand.  Sometimes it’s easier to hug a horse than it is to stay close to another person.  When you get next to a horse, it never says, “Man, have I had a rotten day!”  or, “I’m so down today.”  So if we don’t want to drive others away with our groans and moans, we should learn how to enjoy life.”  

     Today, as you go out, “LIVE LIFE”, smile at someone and maybe, just maybe, your smile can radiate to them and they too will share a smile with you, after all the love of Christ in us, should radiate through us, so that others will be drawn to it.

Quote of the day:  Christy Povolish

“Live life, share a smile.”

Bible verse of the day:  Philippians 1:21

“For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today as I continue on with this day that You have blessed me with, I pray that my attitude is one that radiates Your love towards others.  Father, if all I give is a smile, then in that smile may they see You and not me.  Father, I thank You for sharing Jesus with me, and I pray that frowns will be changed into smiles as we are living testimonies of Your love.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


October 2008

“Dead Men Walking”

Story of the day:  “Dead Men Walking”

     I love what Dr. Tony Evans had to say in a letter that he sends out as part of a ministry outreach.  He says, “One of the most powerful stories about Jesus comes to us by way of a dead man.

     Lazarus, a close friend of Jesus, had died.  Lazaurs’ sisters were grieving not only his death, but the fact that Jesus had not showed up earlier and healed him.

     That’s the way we are sometimes.  We have God on our side and His power to change the situation, but we’re complaining about what didn’t happen!

     Thankfully, that’s not the only lesson to take away from this story, nor is it just a great story about Jesus and His power.  It’s a life lesson for every believer…and about the power of God in us!

     In John 11:43-44, Jesus spoke to Lazarus directly, whom was dead and wrapped from head to toe, with a kerchief over his face, and said, “Lazarus, come forth!” 

     What happened to Lazarus is what God is asking of us still today.  Look around you.  There’s a world filled with “dead men walking.” People are bound by sin, trapped by religion, wrapped up in their circumstances, depressed by their lives, distressed by their families; many are thinking “it’s over.”  Their lives are in a rut just “grave” with both ends kicked out.

     But God can change their entire situation as we speak the Word and help set them free!  That’s the call on this ministry and the call on my life… and yours.  He has called us to carry out Kingdom plans and purposes on earth.

     Serving God is not about keeping religious practices to carry out some set of rules.  It’s about giving and living a life of spiritual freedom that reflects God’s glory, letting your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven (Matthew 5:16)

     Who is in a “grave” situation near you?  Who can you speak a word of life to today?  Or let me put it this way…if you feel You are in a tough situation, I’m here to speak a word of life, hope, and encouragement into You.  God can turn it around for you, and when He does, give Him the thanks and praise He deserves.”

Quote of the day:  Vonette Bright

“Through our service to others, God want to influence our world for Him.”

Bible verse of the day:  John 11:40

“Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”


Dear Heavenly Father,

You have called my family into ministry and as I share Your Word with others, I pray that lives may be changed, and all for Your Glory.  Father, the time that we are living in right now, is rough, there are some that can’t make ends meet, some are losing their homes, and are distressed. Father, I pray for revival to sweep our nation, that You may be glorified and lives can be transformed.  I continue to pray for those that don’t know You, that they hear Your voice when You say to them, “come forward and ask me to be a part of your life.”  I thank You for Your faithfulness in my life, for this day, and the hope for tomorrow! 

In Jesus Name I pray,