August 2009

Kindled inside you

Story of the day:  Kindled inside you

On the prairies of the Midwest, a grass fire can be a good thing. 

“To ask whether a prairie needs fire is to wonder whether it needs water,” says Cindy Schreuder.  “Burns stimulate the growth of grasses and forbs, return nutrients to the soil, expose seed beds to the sun and suppress invading trees and shrubs.”

In the same way, God’s consuming fire brings new life when we willingly let him burn the fields of our hearts.   [Cindy Schreduer]

Quote of the day:  Sue Monk Kidd

In awakening to God there is always a moment of choice, a time to say an absolute yes, to commit yourself as best you can to the life of God that is kindled inside you.  The experience demands it.  And there will likely be a need for a reaffirmation of that choice numerous times as we awaken to God.  We are spasmodic, fickle creatures who must be brought back again and again to our journey. 

Bible verse of the day:  Hebrews 12:29

“for indeed our God is a consuming fire.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

There is a fire that burns deep inside of me that wants to spread.  I pray that my fire continues to burn as You light it each and every day.  I am grateful to serve You and to do all that you have gifted me to do.  I pray for those whose light may have been dimmed for whatever reason, and I pray that they too can find Your never ending spark to ignite their lowly flame.  I thank You that You never change and that I can always count on You to be my Rock.  Thank You for watching out for me and always knowing what is best for me and my life.  I love You and thank You for this blessed day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


May 2009

Extinguish the Flames

Story of the day:  Extinguish the Flames

     The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that firefighters in Geona, Texas, were accused of deliberately setting more than forty destructive fires.  When caught, they stated, “We had nothing to do.  We just wanted to get the red lights flashing and the bells clanging.”

     The job of firefighters is to put out fires, not start them.  The job of Christians is to help resolve conflict not start more of it.

Quote of the day:  Tom Nash

“Figure out what went wrong, not who was wrong, when communication breaks down.”

Bible verse of the day:  Matthew 5:9

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that during a conflict that I am able to keep my peace.  I pray for words of wisdom in knowing the right thing to say so that I don’t escalate things more than they should be.  I pray to seek You out in the situation and to listen for Your Voice to give me guidance and direction during any situation that may lead to a conflict.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,



Funny Friday Picks, May 2008

Funny Friday Quote (Two Eskimos)

Funny Friday Quote:  Two Eskimos

“Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly, but when they lit a fire in the craft it sank, proving once and for all that you can’t have your kayak and heat it, too.”

Bible verse of the day:  Proverbs 8:17

“I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently will find me.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your Word today.  May Your Words, be a constant guide in my life and a reminder of how great You are.  Father, I thank You for my life and every detail that You have included in it. You know all my ways and  because You love me so much, I am blessed for having shared every detail with You about my life.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


March 2008

Mercy Touched Me

sunset.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                   Quote of the day:  Mercy Touched Me

    A fellow writer named Darian Burns wrote an amazing story that I felt needed to be shared.  It is a true representation of our Heavenly Father and I felt that it was a story that encompasses troubles that may come in our life, but through any situation our Father is there and by His Grace is able to show us how much He loves us.

    Darian writes:  “I was an assistant pastor and a young father when I was involved in a fire that left me in the ICU burn center with second and third degree burns, singed vocal chords and a damaged esophagus.  Two weeks after being released from the hospital I became a single father of three young boys (4 year old twins and an 18 month old) when my then wife decided she preferred a different type of lifestyle.  Not long after the marriage ended I received “the visit” by the leaders of the church where I ministered.  I was informed that my services were no longer needed.  With the loss of my job also came the loss of my house which was owned by the church.  Not long after becoming a single dad I began to notice that my youngest, Micah, seemed deaf, so we began a long period of testing.  Micah’s testing started a journey which ended in a parking lot at the Emory Autism Center in Atlanta.

    It took every ounce of energy not to explode as I walked from the Autism Center to my parked car.  “Mr. Burns,” the doctor had began coldly like a mathematician reciting an equation, “Micah is one of the most severe cases of autism we have ever seen here, at best you will be able to care for him until 13 or so but then you will almost certainly have to have him institutionalized.”  when I heard those words the last three months and all that had happened suddenly flooded my soul.

    One of the joys of my life had always been my singing voice; however, the fire had damaged my voice and I didn’t know if I would ever sing again as I had.  Since childhood I had longed to be a father and have a family.  I had read all the books, attended the conferences, gone to the counseling sessions, listened to the radio programs and, while not perfect, had for the most part done everything I had been told I was supposed to do to have a successful and happy family life.  However, al the rules I had kept and formulas I had followed did not produce the results they had promised.  My entire adult life and all my education had been geared toward Christian ministry.  However, my church didn’t believe in divorced ministers.  Now I was being told not only would I be alone, without a job, without a home but my precious son would be trapped with this disease which I would spend the rest of my life watching him struggle with and helpless to do anything about it.

    I reached the car and quickly placed Micah in his car seat.  I got in, shut the door and SCREAMED!  Months of tears and pent up anger erupted from deep within me.  I was angry at those who had betrayed me, particularly the church where I found no grace or mercy in my time of deepest need.  However, nothing could compare to the anger I felt towards God.  I wanted to know why.  How could this happen?  Why had He deserted me with these three boys, no job, and no home?  Why had He dumped me in this city parking lot alone except for Micah who wouldn’t even allow me to touch him without screaming?

    Then it happened.  After I released all my pain, after I poured it out to Him with honesty and authenticity I cried out for Mercy.  “Lord, I can’t go on if I don’t know that You are at least with me.  Give me something.  Give me something.  Give me anything to hold on to.  Let me know that you are still with me.  Please, I can’t do this anymore on my own.  Lord, just let me know I’m not alone.

    Not only had Micah ever initiated touch before but he hated to be touched, he fought against it and would scream or cry if he had to endure it by being carried or held.  He preferred to play with his shadow and be left alone.  But not that day and not at that moment.  Mercy touched me that day in the form of a little boy named Micah as he reached his small hand around the seat and caressed a tear off his father’s cheek.  I turned around in shock to see an innocent smile and, for a second, the ever present distance in his eyes was gone.  Mercy touched me that day and I have never been the same.  My prayer is that you will feel it’s touch in your life right when you need it most.”  Thank you Darian for sharing your story with me.

Quote of the day:  J. Dwight Pentecost

“Mercy is God’s ministry to the miserable. It is both intensely personal and immensely practical.  For when I am treated unfairly, God’s mercy relieves my bitterness.  When I grieve over loss, it relieves my pain and anger and denial.  When I struggle with disability, it relieves my self-pity.  When I endure physical pain, it relieves my hopelessness.  When I deal with being sinful, it relieves my guilt.”

Bible verse of the day:  Psalm 56:11

“In God I have put my trust; I will not be afraid.  What can man do to me?”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that You are a merciful God.  Thank You that in my distress or my call to You, You are quick to answer.  God, this story has touched my heart and I pray for this father and his family.  God, as uncomfortable as it is to be in these situations, You always show Yourself to us in a very touching and loving way.  It is through these times that we can draw close to You and rest in Your Saving Grace.  Just as mercy touched Darian that day, mercy can touch all.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,