January 2009

Middle of Change

Story of the day:  Middle of Change    

     What is it about change that scares people away?  Change to some is like the plague of unhappiness that drives people in the opposite direction.  I’m not going to lie, change can be a little intimidating, especially when we are used to doing things our own way.  Change can be hard to do, especially when we have our own set agenda, and don’t have an open mind to switch gears.  To me, change can bring about new opportunities that you hadn’t seen before and can enrich whom you are or are about to become.   How do you handle change in your life?   

     Like the seasons in a year, change can come unexpectedly.  We want to believe that the seasons of our life will be experienced when we call for them, but it doesn’t always work that way and we shouldn’t always think that way.  It’s kind of like when summer doesn’t fall on the day that the calendar says, or when we experience some winter in the Spring?  Do we fault the calendar for being wrong?  We have to get out of the mindset of things always being the same and at least give the change a chance.  How awesome it is to change or be changed when God is all around it.  I wanted to share with you a few verses from Job 14:7-9 that talks about the change a tree must go through before it can blossom into something new.    “For there is hope for a tree, if it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and that its tender shoots will not cease.  Though its roots may grow old in the earth, and its stump may die in the ground, yet at the scent of water it will bud and bring forth branches like a plant.”  The significance  of change for this tree came when the tree was being cut down from the warmth of the sun on it’s leaves, and the thirsting water on it’s roots, to the dying of its stump.  The tree probably assumed there was nothing more for it, until the stump came into contact with water, and from there the tree was able to bud and grow into a plant. 

     How many of you have experienced this type of change, when all you once knew changed so drastically?  Are you like the tree?  You have been cut down and feel as if your life has been turned upside down?  My friends, I want to be an encouragement to you and say that your change, like that tree, will find the scent of water and you will blossom once again.  You may not be what you once were, and that’s okay, just know that if you ask Him, God will see you through your change and will blossom you into something new and more beautiful!

Quote of the day:  Ralph Waldo Emerson 

“People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.”

Bible verse of the day:  Job 14:9

“Yet at the scent of water it will bud and bring forth branches like a plant.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I know that change can be scary and that it doesn’t always have to be.  I pray that when I find myself in the middle of it, to seek You in prayer to assure that I am not the one leading this change, but that You are all over it.  Father, I pray that my heart will be open to any change that is brought my way.  I pray for wisdom in knowing that the change can be a beautiful gift from You and can lead to growth.  I pray that any change that I may experience may be used to glorify You and Your Kingdom.  I thank You for this beautiful new year!

In Jesus Name I pray,


August 2008

Why does God allow suffering?

Story of the day:  Why does God allow suffering?

     On one of our many trips this summer, Jeff and I were asked the following question:  “Why does God allow suffering?”  This isn’t the first time that we have been asked this question.  Billy Graham writes that “it isn’t an easy issue, because it goes to the heart of our deepest questions about God.  After all, (the argument runs), how could a loving and gracious God allow suffering?  To put it another way, if God lets us suffer, He must not love us–and the proof is the suffering He allowed His Son to endure on the Cross. 

     So what then is the answer to this age-old question?”  The following answer comes from a “Christian man who has been an invalid all his life, one of those lonely and obscure people who live in constant pain, who do not know what it means to be able to use their physical body in any way without pain and suffering.

     “Lonliness is not a thing of itself, not an evil sent to rob us of the joys of life.  Loneliness, loss, pain, sorrow, suffering, these are disicplines, God’s gifts to drive us to His very heart, to increase our capacity for Him, to sharpen our sensitivities and understanding, to temper our spirtitual lives so that they may become channels of His mercy to others and to bear fruit for His Kingdom.  But these disciplines must be seized upon and used, not thwarted or opposed.  They must not be seen as excuses for living in the shadow of half-lives, but as messengers, however painful, to bring our souls into vital contact with the living God, that our lives may be filled to overflowing with Himself in ways that may, perhaps, be impossible who know less of life’s darkness.”

Quote of the day:  Yiddish proverb

“He who can’t endure the bad will not live to see the good.”

Bible verse of the day:  Job 37:1

“At this also my heart trembles, and my heart leaps from its place.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

We all have questions, and as much as my little mind can’t understand things sometimes, it is very clear to me from Your Word that just as You laid the foundations of the earth, I wasn’t there helping You plan things!  I wasn’t there helping You determine the earth’s measurements or where to place it.  Father, I pray to not be conformed to this world.  I pray to see beyond this world and that the things that I am doing while here on earth on done with an eternal mindset.  Thank You for all the safe travels that You have given to me and my family over this summer.  Thank You for opening many doors and showing us Your steps and guidance throughout this move.  Father, as we continue forward with Your plans, may we not get distracted by lures that can quickly throw us off course.  May we continue individually and as family to bring our prayers to Your feet that they may be heard.  I thank You for this blessed day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


May 2008

Spiritual Battle


Story of the day:  Spiritual Battle

In the past few weeks, I have come across a lot of people who have been experiencing some troubled times in their lives.  And although our troubles could probably not come close to what a man in the Bible named Job experienced, those tough times can be hard to cope with and often lead us to question why sometimes.  The following story puts theses times into perspective and left me encouraged so I thought I would share it with you all.  The short story is entitled Job’s Birthday and was written by Julie Ackerman.

“Death, divorce, and disease could be called the three D’s of misery.  They slice through life like a tsunami of sorrow, raising doubts and destroying dreams.

Recently, a friend and I agreed that the previous year was one that we both would just as soon forget.  Each of us had suffered one of the three.

Our conversation brought Job to mind.  In a short period of time, he lost his children, his health, his wealth, and his wife’s respect.  Job’s distress was so great that he pleaded, “May the day perish on which I was born” (Job 3:3).  Job wanted God to erase not just a year, but all memory of his existence!  He had enjoyed years of success and respect.  Now, he questioned the purpose of living (3:20).

Job wanted to die and be forgotten, but instead God made sure his name and story would be remembered forever.  Rather than give Job what he asked for, God gave future generations what they would need—an inside look at the spiritual battle between God and Satan.  The result is a God inspired document about suffering that has comforted countless people.

When what we fear actually happens, we know, thanks to Job, that God can use it for good.”

Quote of the day:  Our Daily Bread

“Our highest good may come from our deepest suffering.”

Bible verse of the day:  Job 42:2

“I know that You can do everything, and that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for such a blessed weekend.  Father, I pray for those that may be experiencing rough times in their life today.  I pray that during these times that they call out to You and that You will turn their situation around and use it for good.  Father, there have been times in my life where I have called out to You and have wondered why, but because of Your faithfulness and the truth that was revealed to me, You stood by me through my suffering and I grew stronger because of it.  Because of Your Grace and Mercy, I know that when troubled times come, that You will be my Rock.  I thank You for this day and the promise of tomorrow!

In Jesus Name I pray,


April 2008, Funny Friday Picks

Funny Friday Quote

Funny Friday Quote:  Struggling Salesman

   A struggling salesman is walking along the beach in Malibu when he comes across a salt-encrusted piece of metal.  He works for an hour or so to remove the salt.  Lo and behold, it is a very old oil lamp.  The guy starts to buff it to remove the corrosion when poof-a genie appears!

   “Genie, I wish to be a dollar richer than Bill Gates,” says the guy.  The genie isn’t sure who Bill Gates is until the guy tell him to check Forbes magazine.  When the genie calls up Forbes from inside the lamp, he learns that Bill Gates is indeed the richest man in the world.

   “Guy,” the genie says, “you will forever be a dollar richer than Bill Gates.  What’s your second wish?”

   “Genie, I want the most expensive Porsche made:  fire engine red, on-board GPS, and the finest audio system ever installed in an automobile.”

   “That’s easy, guy,” says the genie.  He waves his hand, and the best car anybody has ever seen pops out of the lamp.  The genie then asks the guy for his third wish.

   The guy mulls the problem over and over.  He just can’t decide what to wish for.  “Genie,” the guy says, “I can’t think of anything now.  May I save the third wish for later?”

   “Gee, guy, this is most unusual.  But you hold the hammer–I can’t escape from this lamp until you make a third wish.  Call me when you’re ready.”  And whoosh, the genie disappears back into the lamp.

   The guy carefully picks up the now-ever-so-valuable lamp and places it in the trunk of the fire engine red Porsche.  He turns the radio on to balance the sound and makes all the other adjustments needed to get his great audio system customized to his ears.  After that, he pulls off to the beach and heads south along the Pacific Coast Highway.  Soon, he’s doing sixty, then seventy, then eighty.  The Porsche handles perfectly.

   The guy is so happy that he begins to sing along with the familiar commercial on the radio:  “Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener…”

Bible verse of the day:  Job 22:21

“Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace; thereby good will come to you.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray to continually be a person that celebrates life.  I want to praise You for the gift of Your wonderful Son, Jesus.  Lord, I pray to spread Your wonderful news to friends, family, and the world, with a joyful heart that you have placed deep within me.  Lord, I can’t even describe the love that You have given to me.  May the grace and love that I feel be magnified by the love that I have towards others.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,