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Story of the day: It’s all in our attitude

There’s a story about a man and his wife who were on a long trip stopped at a full-service gas station. After the station attendant had washed their car’s windshield, the man in the car said to the station attendant, “It’s still dirty. Wash it again.”

So the station attendant complied. After washing it again, the man in the car angrily said, “It’s still dirty. Don’t you know how to wash a windshield?”

Just then the man’s wife reached over, removed her husband’s glasses from his face, and cleaned them with a tissue. Then he put them back on and behold–the windshield was clean!

Our attitude has a great deal to do with how we look at things. The whole world can seem pretty bleak if we have a negative attitude. Yet how bright the world can appear if we have a joyful attitude of hope. [Green, M. 2005. The Expositor’s Illustration File and Index. Baker Books Publishing.]

Quote of the day: Chuck Swindoll

“I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude.”

Bible verse of the day: Philippians 2:5 (NKJV)

“Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus,”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I humble myself before You and pray that my attitude reflects the joy that You have placed within my life. I know that everyday will bring its challenges, and as they come, I pray to make the right choices in how to handle things, and that the things that I do bring You honor, glory, and praise. I love You Father and I am thankful for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,



Story of the day:  Take Action

The Chicago Tribune writes:

In March of 1994 a German tourist checked into a hotel near Miami International Airport.  That night in his room he noticed a foul odor.  But travelers must put up with discomforts, so he slept in the bed that night without complaint to the front desk.

The next morning when he awoke, the odor was only worse.  So as he checked out of the hotel, he reported the problem.  On Friday, March 11, a maid cleaning the room discovered the source of the odor.  Under the bed she found a corpse. [Dead Body Found under Bed in Hotel. Chicago Tribune, 13 March 1994, sec.1, p.23.]

Quote of the day:  Craig Brian Larson

“Life is filled with problems, and often it seems the best thing to do is just ignore them.  But if we realized how serious and close some problems really are, we would take action.”

Bible verse of the day:  Jeremiah 6:14

“They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious.  ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray to not let a day go by where I don’t come to You to deal with any corpse of a problem that may be hidden under my bed.  I pray for courage to always face the problem head on instead of turning and running from it, regardless of what it may be.  I know with You leading my way, that no problem is ever too big to face Your guidance will show me how to handle it.  Thank You for this blessed day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


Story of the day:  In for a roller coaster ride?

The word of the day is feelings.  Now here’s a word that best sums up our emotional data. describes feelings, as us being readily affected by our emotions.  Sometimes we may “feel” sad, lonely, tired, or fill in the blank.  All of these “feelings” are felt because of underlying circumstances that are going on in our life.  Do you allow these feelings to determine if you are to be happy or not?  I know for the last few weeks, the adjustment here has been a little harder for me than most of the moves in my entire life.  It’s been a month and I can’t seem to get into my groove.  It’s not like I have never moved before.  I have been doing this since I was born.  My father was in the military and now my husband is also serving full time. 

There is really nothing new about this move, except that things have slowed down tremendously in my life.  To me, that is kind of scary, because if any of you know me, I am a very active and social person.  It also doesn’t help that I am many miles away from family and friends.  So what I do with all of these emotions running through me?  Do I allow these circumstances in my life to determine my path of happiness?  Absoluetly not. 

I love that God placed these words deep into my soul:  “The things happening in my life don’t determine if I am going to be happy or not, and the circumstances in my life aren’t my emotional gauge in how I live.  I am right here Christy. I am never ceasing, never failing, always comforting, and always loving you.  I am grateful to now have some more alone time with you so that our relationship can blossom even more than it already has.”  Wow, my Heavenly Father, with such profound words, has always been steadfast in my life no matter where I go or what I do.  He is a spring of water that doesn’t ever change.  I found a great little illustration of this from Billy Graham.  He writes:

Near my home is a spring that never varies its flow.  Floods may rage, but its output doesn’t increase.  A long summer’s drought may come, but it won’t decrease.  Its flow is steady, reliable, and unending.

Such is the peace we all yearn for–and such is the peace Jesus promised to all who trust in Him.  The water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.

Whatever your day may hold, Your Heavenly Father is that Spring of Water, “steady, reliable, and unending”, waiting for you to take a drink.  Come and drink.

Bible verse of the day:  Psalm 36:9

“For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your profound words of wisdom.  You are my steadfast spring of life that is “steady, reliable, and unending.”  Though I may have these feelings, I pray for continued support to not let them run my life and determine my happiness.  I come to You this day and ask for forgiveness for anytime that I may have allowed my emotions to play a part in this.  I am grateful to You for loving me unconditionally.  I thank You for this blessed day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


quote of the day mountains                                                                                                                                                Story of the day:  His canvas

There are so many wonderful and beautiful things to see here in New Mexico. Whether it be the tall standing mountains, white billowy clouds shading the crystal blue sky, or the sun that rises and sets with the most beautiful shades of purple and pink, I am in total awe of His magnificent work.  Each and every day, I awaken to a new canvas that God paints on.  His artwork display hangs for the world to see and is a reminder of His Creative Touch.  He hangs rainbows at just the right time as a constant reminder of His promise and love for His children.   

Today as you are out and about, take a moment to stop and witness the canvas of artwork that God has painted just for you.

Quote of the day:  Clyde S. Kilby

“I shall open my eyes and ears.  Once every day I shall simply stare at a tree, a flower, a cloud, or a person.  I shall not then be concerned at all to ask what they are but simply be glad that they are.”

Bible verse of the day:  Isaiah 55:12 (NIV)

“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for displaying Your Artwork each and everyday.  There is so much in Your Creation that is so beautiful.  I am humbled by the mountains, the blue sky, the sunrises and sunsets, but most importantly by Your Grace to share it all with me.  You have placed the stars in all the right places to light up the dark sky in my life and I am forever changed.  Thank You for this blessed day!

In Jesus Name I pray,



Story of the day:  Descending like a dove

     As I was driving Christen to school today, we both saw a beautiful white dove.  It flew right past the car and landed in the park on a wooden fence.  We both looked at each other and with great excitement, said, “look, a dove!”  As it made it’s descent onto the wooden fence, I couldn’t help but think about the beauty that a dove radiates.  In the Bible, a dove usually means peace.  For example one may say that the dove that Noah sent out of the ark after the flood is a symbol of peace, “that the flood rains were over” (Genesis 8:10-11).  A dove may also represent the Holy Spirit.  In Matthew 3:16, Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist.  In this instance the three persons of the trinity are seen in one form or another. God’s voice is heard from Heaven, Jesus is being baptized, and the Holy Spirit (a.k.a. the Holy Ghost) is seen in the form of a dove.

      As Jeff and I have been moving forward with the next phase of this ministry, I began to feel a little overwhelmed about how everything is going to get done or be done.  I believe that God sent that little dove into my path, as a reminder that the Holy Spirit within me, is there as my helper, always encouraging me, watching over me and restoring the hope and faith in my life about what is to come.  God always supplies all the tools needed for His Work and often through the Power of the Holy Spirit.  That little dove this morning was a confirmation that we are doing what God is asking of us and that if we rest in that, then we will find peace. 

Quote of the day:  Michael P. Green

“When you see a man who is at work for God and producing results, recognize that it is the Holy Spirit working through him, not the man’s efforts that are giving results.  All he has to do–and all you have to do–is keep your hand on the handle.”

Bible verse of the day:  Matthew 3:16

“When He had been baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the Heavens were opened to Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon Him.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for sending me a helper that not only recognizes when I need help, but is there to encourage me, restore me, and watch over me.  Father, sometimes I can get overwhelmed by thinking about all that needs to be done for Your church.  I pray to remember that You are in total control of that and I am but Your vessel to carry it out.  I am thankful that You know exactly what and when things need to be done and share it with me only when the time is right.  I can find rest and peace through that little dove that You placed right into my path today.  Something so small, as a dove, has so much meaning to me because of the timing of when You sent it.  That little dove is a gift from You to me in that it confirmed that we are moving in the right direction and that Your Will is going to be done.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


Story of the day:  What’s in you will spill out”

     As Christians, we aren’t exempt from being angry or upset.  God has given us emotions, but the way that we handle the emotions can be a test beyond measure.  I was reading a little story written by Richard De Haan called Inside Out that I thought did a great job in illustrating this example.

     He referred to a missionary by the name of Hudson Taylor who while giving a sermon filled a glass with water and placed it on a table in front of him.  As he was speaking, he pounded his fist hard enough to make the water splash onto the table.  He then explained, “You will come up against much trouble.  But when you do, remember, only what’s in you will spill out.

     That’s worth thinking about, isn’t it?  When we are mistreated or misunderstood, how do we respond?  With loving words, patience, and kindness?  Or are we inclined to retaliate in anger?

     When we live under the control of the Holy Spirit, we will show it by the way we react to the jolting trials and temptations of life.  How we respond to trying, embarrassing situations, that are suddenly thrust upon us is a good test of how much we have grown in grace.

     It is possible to suppress frustration and anger, and to appear undisturbed to people around us.  But if our heart is full of the Savior’s love, we will respond to the jostling of an unexpected trial with genuine patience and kindness.  Like a full glass of water, what’s inside of us will spill over on the outside.”

Quote of the day:  Our Daily Bread

“When trouble grows, your character shows.”

Bible verse of the day:  Mark 7:20

And He said, “What comes out of a man, that defiles a man.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. I pray that You continue to direct my steps by Your Word and give me understanding according to Your Word.  You are my keeper and my protector.  Father, I ask that You continue to do a move throughout this nation.  I pray for the church in general that mighty men and women arise and start listening to the call that You have for each of them.  Father, we are living in a different time, and as such, I pray that through these times, You will shine through situations and Your Word is spread like wild fire so souls are saved.  Father use me as Your vessel to reach those that don’t know You and continue to build in me, if it’s Your Will, a zeal that will consume me all the days of my life.  Father, I love You and I thank You for this day!  Continue to guide us with our move and as we prepare for an upcoming busy week, may we stay focused on You and look a

In Jesus Name I pray,


                                                                                                             Story of the day:  God shaped vacuum

   The vacuum in our house has a detachable platic container that holds all of the dirt once it has been sucked up off of the ground.  The vacuum knows only what it is designed to do at the hands of it’s owner and that is to be filled  If I were to guess that if the vacuum had feelings, that it would desire a close relationship with it’s owner so that it can do what it was created to do.

   “Our God is a personal, knowable God who desires a close relationship with the people He created.  Each of us has been created with a God-shaped vacuum, an emptiness that only He can fill–a deep thirst for God. 

   We thirst for so many things–for significance, success, comfort, peace, wisdom.  But our real thirst is for a closeness to our Creator who alone can give wholeness and peace.  Only God can satisfy our deepest longings.  He offers us the water that can and will satisfy these things.  All we need to do is come and drink.”  Living Stone Corporation

Quote of the day:  J. I. Packer

“The fruit of wisdom is Christlikeness, peace, humility, and love.  And, the root of it is faith in Christ as the manifested wisdom of God.”

Bible verse of the day:  John 4:14

“but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst.  But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for filling me with Your wholeness and peace that gets me through my day.  God, I pray to continually draw near to You and to seek You in my life.  I am grateful that You desire a close relationship with me and it is through our relationship that I am able to know that I am Your child and that Your love for me is greater than anything anyone else can ever offer.  I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,