June 2008

We are a magnifying glass

Story of the day:  We are a magnifying glass

   Have you ever looked through the eye of a magnifying glass? It’s intended purpose is to increase the apparent size of something seen through it.  The purpose of our life is to be that magnifying glass so that others can see God through us.  Vernon Grounds wrote an interesting piece in Magnifying our Master writing that “some of us may not be able to see how Jesus could be magnified in our bodies.  We may think that it can be done only during times of persecution for our faith.  But that is not the case.

   Our hands can magnify the Lord as we write letters of encouragement.  Our feet can magnify Him as we go on simple errands of helpfulness.  Our voices can magnify Him as we give our testimony and sing His praises.  Our hearts can magnify Him as we express in prayer our love for the redeeming Christ.  Our ears can magnify Him as we gratefully listen to sermons exalting His grace.

   If we know Jesus, we can lift Him up to others in our daily lives.”  How are you using your magnifying glass?

Quote of the day:  Franklin Graham

“Our actions are seen by people, but our motives are monitored by God.”

Bible verse of the day:  1 Philippians 1:20

“according to my earnest expectation and hope that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today as I magnify Your name in all that I do, may I be reminded of the love that You give while doing the things that You do so that I can do the same.  Continue to change my life so that others can see You through my magnifying glass.  May Your Love be radiated through me and shared with others knowing that it all comes from You.  I pray for our Pastor, my husband, and our friend as they head down to Tennessee for a missions trip.  May lives be changed, souls saved, hearts transformed, and people drawn closer to You. I thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,


April 2008

Power made perfect in our weaknesses

dsc00753.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                     Story of the day:  Power made perfect in our weaknesses

    Do you feel strong in your weakness?  The pain we may all experience, that can be found in our weak times, although challenging, can be rewarding when all is said and done. It may not seem like it while you are going through the pain, but power is made perfect in our weakness.  As I continued on with this thought about our pain or times of persecution that we all go through at one time or another, God shed a little more onto this by sharing this marvelous Scripture with me last night at church.  It is found in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, and He so gracefully says this “but he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.”  So, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.  Therefore I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities for the sake of Christ; for whenever I am weak, then I am strong.” 

    Well, here is a little piece of art that I found that helps to illustrate the power of God making us strong in our weaknesses or the trials and tribulations that we may experience.  “A little piece of wood once complained bitterly because its owner kept whittling away at it, cutting it, and filling it with holes, but the one who was cutting it so remorselessly paid no attention to its complaining.  He was making a flute out of that piece of ebony, and he was too wise to desist from doing so, even though the wood complained bitterly.  He seemed to say, “Little piece of wood, without these holes, and all this cutting, you would be a black stick for ever–just a useless piece of ebony.  What I am doing now may make you think that I am destroying you, but, instead, I will change you into a flute, and your sweet music will charm the souls of men and comfort many a sorrowing heart.  My cutting you is the making of you, for only thus can you be a blessing in the world.”  Thank you M.R. Dehaan for this wonderful story.

       Although we can’t always see the big picture of why we go through the things we go through, it truly is for our best interest and we will only become stronger for having gone through our weak times, if we allow God’s power to be made perfect in our weakness.   

Quote of the day:  C. S. Lewis

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains:  it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

Bible verse of the day:  2 Samuel 22:31

“This God–His way is perfect: the promise of the Lord proves true:  He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You that in my weakness Your power shines through.  I am grateful that Your power is made perfect at the times when I am the weakest.  God, I thank You for always being there for all of the times in my life.  You are there when I am happiest, when I am saddest, and when I have overcome whatever obstacle was placed before me.  I thank You for being my Everything.  I thank You or the times in my life when I have been weak, You have made me stronger.  I love You and thank You for this day!

In Jesus Name I pray,