January 2011

Waiting on God

Story of the Day: Waiting on God

There’s a story about a woman who left her diamond broach in a hotel. When she got home she remembered her broach and called the hotel. She told the manager what had happened, and when he went to look for it, he found it, put it in the safe, and returned to the phone to tell her the good news, but she had hung up.

Have you ever wanted something so much that you kept praying to God yet the prayer wasn’t being answered when you thought it would be? I know I have. We can sometimes get so impatient that we decide to take things into our own hand, instead of waiting on God. When we do this, we don’t realize what God may have planned for us or is getting ready to do for us, that we sometimes miss out on blessings had we just kept persevering in prayer and waiting on Him.

Quote of the day: John Cassian

“To cling to God and to the things of God—this must be our major effort, this must be the road that the heart follows.”

Bible Verse of the day: James 1:2-3

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”


Dear God, I thank you for standing firm in all that you do for me. You know what is best for me. I ask Lord, that when I start to want things to go the way I want them ( without coming to you in prayer first) or even when the prayers that I pray are not being answered as quickly as I would like them to, that You remind me that You are in control and know what is best for me. Remind me that I can’t see the whole picture of my life and that I need to trust You completely because You do see the whole picture. God I know there are reasons why my prayers aren’t answered right when I want them to be. It is during these times that I pray to You for patience in knowing that according to the Your Word, the things I ask for will be given to me when it is Your time to give them. Father, teach me to wait on You.

In Jesus Name I pray,